The Manifesto

The Three Manifestos Unveiled at the Digital with Purpose Global Summit — A Pioneering Blueprint for Action

Lisbon, 12 October 2023 — The Digital with Purpose Global Summit held from 27 to 29 September 2023 has concluded with a resounding declaration of purpose. The event, convened to foster dynamic dialogue and drive impactful change, has delivered not just ideas, but a clear, actionable roadmap for the future. Three groundbreaking manifestos on each of the event’s main themes have emerged from the conference, collectively representing the culmination of our shared vision and the actionable steps to realize it.

Manifesto 1: Biodiversity

This first manifesto, titled Digital Ways for Biodiversity Conservation, is a call to action that centers around the theme of Biodiversity. It emerges as a result of in-depth discussions, diverse perspectives, and collaboration during the conference. With an unwavering commitment to addressing biodiversity loss and harm, this manifesto aims to provide technology and science stakeholders with recommendations on how to accelerate the role of digital technologies in biodiversity knowledge and conservation.

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Manifesto 2: Education

Digital as an Enabler to Improve the Education System is the second milestone in our journey towards actionable change. Focused on Education, this manifesto takes the lessons learned at the Global Summit and translates them into concrete steps to ensure that we evolve to a just, sustainable, human centric and equitable world by using new and emerging digital technologies. With input from experts, thought leaders, and Industry members, this manifesto is a powerful tool that will enable Parents, governments, and students to make tangible strides toward a more inclusive, resilient, and innovative future.

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Manifesto 3: Smart and Sustainable Cities

The third and final manifesto, Smart and Sustainable Cities, is the cornerstone of our vision for cities and communities. Its focus was to accelerate the identification and effective implementation of innovative technologies, policies, financial instruments, and business models, as well as cooperative approaches and products from culture and creative industries. This document provides a roadmap, built upon the insights and consensus of our conference participants, to chart the course towards a future that is more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous for all.

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Manifesto 4: Gender Equality

A fourth Manifesto on Gender Equality has been added in the aftermath of the 2023 DWP Global Summit. This Manifesto falls under the United Nations established SDG 5, which aims to achieve gender equality by ending all forms of discrimination, violence and any harmful practices against women and girls. It also calls for the full participation of women and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making.

Closing The Gender Gap As Part Of Corporate Sustainability Strategy is a document aiming to provide all the stakeholders with recommendations on how to address the Sustainable Development Goal nº 5 in their Business Sustainability Plans.

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Each of these manifestos is more than just words on paper; they are action plans. They encapsulate the collective will of the Digital with Purpose Global Summit participants to drive meaningful change within their respective spheres. These manifestos will serve as blueprints for all to embark on a transformative journey, tackling the most pressing issues of our time.

The manifestos are made publicly available below and GeSI and the DWP Movement encourage all interested parties to view them. Please reach out to us if you wish to have an active role on this action agenda. Your help is crucial to make the difference and help this planet now!