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To effectively tackle the health of our planet and inequality across society, it will take a big team effort. No one business or industry can go it alone. And that is why the Digital with Purpose Movement exists.

We have a duty to advance the needs of society and protect our planet and by standing shoulder to shoulder we can accelerate our impact and make a difference.

Join us. It's a race to the top!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I confirm my company/organisation's intention to sign the CEO Pledge?
Please email us at, providing details of: Point of Contact, as well as the CEO Name and Full Title.

What happens after the Pledge is signed?
The company/organisation will receive the Digital with Purpose Committed stamp, signifying the start of a journey wherein a Committed company/organisation has one year to work towards the next level Developing metrics as outlined in the Digital with Purpose Framework.

What is the connection between the Digital with Purpose Framework and the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC)?
GeSI works closely with the European Commission through its relationship with the Portuguese Presidency and DG Connect. Companies that meet the requirements of the Digital with Purpose Framework more than exceed the expectations of the EGDC.

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