GeSI certifies (First) Top leading companies driving sustainability excellence

27 April 2023

GeSI is happy to announce the release of the first edition of the Digital with Purpose (DwP) report outlining the “Performance Framework Results for 2022”.

The DwP Movement is an ambitious movement to catalyse collective action in the private sector, requiring corporates to make a Pledge to work towards the Four Universal Commitments outlined in the GeSI “Digital with Purpose-Delivering a Smarter2030 report”.

1. To establish practical and incremental steps to become a purpose-led business supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

2. Taking and reporting concrete action on climate change, in line with the Paris Agreement.

3. Embracing the principles of impact transparency and reporting accordingly every year.

4. Developing and deploying digital technology responsibly with the goal of delivering positive societal impact. ​

The Movement is not about repackaging existing efforts or restating previously declared intentions – it is a race to the top.

We have come a long way and the release of this report represents a very important milestone for the DwP movement. We are happy to stand with worldwide leaders that are committed to sustainability excellence and have given their contribution to this movement.

This is a tough, rigorous, and challenging path and so we praise the courage and leadership demonstrated of those that have responded to the first submission cycle of the DwP Framework. A Framework that guides organizations to align with purpose-driven business principles, operate more responsibly in adopting digital technologies, and deliver digitally enabled solutions to sustainability worldwide.

The report explains the rationale behind this initiative, its structure, internal processes, as well as the outcomes of our first-time assessment of DwP Member companies. We hope this brings more light and interest into what this challenging and ambitious Movement is about.

We look forward to all those in the industry joining our initial cohort of members on the pathway to sustainability excellence.

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