Digital with Purpose and IAPMEI join forces to support SMEs in sustainable transition

We are happy to announce that on the 15th of March, GeSI and IAPMEI – Portuguese agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, have signed a strategic partnership to drive sustainability and digital innovation for Portuguese Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), assisting them in transitioning to a greener economy.

This partnership aims to place Portuguese SMEs at the forefront of the evolutionary process, supporting them in accelerating the incorporation of ESG indicators and sustainable models of economic growth, with zero environmental impact, socially just, and ethically responsible.

In the initial phase, the initiative kicks off with a pilot project involving 40 companies from various sectors of the business fabric in the Digital with Purpose Performance Framework certification, a tool composed of a set of metrics that assesses companies’ efforts in relation to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. At the same time, best practices, knowledge, and resources will be shared, providing contributions and recommendations to strengthen sustainable corporate initiatives, enabling the implementation of innovative solutions.

“This collaboration will not only drive the transition to more sustainable practices but also strengthen the competitiveness and growth of these companies. We are convinced of the positive impact this initiative will have,” says Luís Neves, CEO of GeSI.

According to the President of the Board of Directors of IAPMEI, Luís Guerreiro, “This is an opportunity to foster the sustainability journey among SMEs, properly accompanied by experts and supported by a technically robust tool that also promotes digital transition.”

In the second phase, the two institutions will extend this certification to the entire universe of IAPMEI companies, expanding the impact of the initiative and contributing to the construction of a more sustainable and innovative future for businesses.

Know more about IAPMEI

IAPMEI’s mission is to promote competitiveness and business growth, ensuring support for the conception, execution, and evaluation of policies aimed at industrial activity, aiming to reinforce innovation, entrepreneurship, and business investment in companies operating in areas under the Ministry of Economy and Sea’s jurisdiction, notably small and medium-sized enterprises. Its area of intervention includes raising SMEs’ awareness of the importance of sustainability, the urgent need to change the development paradigm, supporting SMEs in a clear commitment to sustainable models of economic growth, with zero environmental impact, socially just, and ethically responsible. Through various initiatives and partnerships, it aims to strengthen contributions to driving digital transformation and promoting sustainable practices in the business fabric, promoting the adoption of more sustainable technologies and assisting Portuguese companies in transitioning to a greener economy.