GeSI certifies Top leading companies driving sustainability excellence in 2023

The Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) is happy to announce the release of the second edition of the Digital with Purpose (DWP) report outlining the “Performance Framework Results for 2023”. This comprehensive document serves as a testament to the strides companies have made to reach sustainable excellence.

The DWP Movement is aimed at catalysing collective action amongst corporates and is centered around four universal commitments that make up the ‘Digital with Purpose Performance Framework.’ The Framework provides a rigorous and robust process for corporates to articulate their ambitions for Climate and the UN Sustainable Development Goals impact, tracking their progress each year through specific measurement.

Key Highlights in the report include Members’ Results, their Performance, and Statistics of the DWP Certification. The report also sheds light on the comprehensive metrics and methodology employed to measure and assess companies’ sustainability initiatives and achievements. The report provides a deeper understanding of how the Digital with Purpose member companies are driving positive change and fostering a digital landscape that is both innovative, transformative, and responsible.

To reaffirm – the DWP Movement is “a race to the top”, open to corporates that share an ambition to create business value through radically accelerating the enabling power of digital technology for the SDGs, whilst minimising negative externalities that may arise.

The results show clearly again that leveraging this competitive spirit will help the Information and Communication Technology industry as well as all industry sectors drive positive and measurable impact and collectively deliver against the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

We praise the courage and leadership shown by those that responded to the second submission cycle of the DWP Performance Framework. All companies that completed the 2023 Assessment Framework have shown a positive evolution in line with the “race to the top” ambition and we are extremely pleased to announce that INNOWAVE, a Portuguese SME operating in the field of digital innovation was the first company to achieve “Diamond” certification level.

We strongly believe that the Digital Industry is a key driver of transformational change for a sustainable planet. The Digital with Purpose Movement is the place where such transformation happens and leads the way to sustainability excellence.

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